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Real people driving revenue growth for businesses in highly competitive domains

Each person you see here has spent years honing their professional skills to deliver measurable impact for companies like yours. We look forward to meeting you!

Alex Ovdienko
Chief Executive Officer
Fedor Yuriev
Chief Marketing Officer
Andrey Sinyavskiy
Chief Operation Officer
Mandy Patzig
Delivery Manager
Dariia Khomych
Web Design Lead
Emmet Haughey
SMM Lead
Ellen Mathews
SEO Lead
David Zuring
CRO Lead

What we stand for

The values imbued in our team are what make RevenueRush more than just an agency

Our values represent who we are and define how we work on behalf of our clients

Proactivity & Collaboration

We bring the marketing expertise and digital know-how to the table, but there’s no one who knows your business and the unique behavioral patterns of your customers better than you do. We schedule regular strategy meetups to gather your feedback on our campaigns and talk to your team to get insights on the impact of our strategies. The more we communicate and put our heads together, the better your campaigns will perform.

Absolute Transparency

When managing your marketing campaigns, we have a “no closed doors” policy. You have access to every bit of data that we collect. Every penny that is spent on your behalf is accounted for, every action logged, and every discovery shared. You can ask us anything and get an honest, unadorned answer.

Personal Work Ownership

We only hire exceptional achievers who step up to challenges and solve problems instead of pointing fingers. Every team member owns the outcomes of their work and takes pride in the results they produce. We collaborate with each other closely, share expertise, and make asking for help stress-free. Our employees know they are valued and are intrinsically motivated by a healthy work environment and a desire to outperform their own benchmarks. The only thing that matters is the impact of one’s work on generating more revenue for your business.

Lifelong Learning

We are in one of the most fast-paced and dynamic industries out there. Each day digital landscape morphs, and we have to change with it to stay on top of all the new developments and revolutionary strategies. All our employees receive a mentor and personal growth roadmaps after a test period, and we do everything to encourage constant learning and self-improvement.


When the businesses of our clients grow, so does ours. At RevenueRush, we are invested in delivering you the best possible results. We find a custom approach to the promotion of every company, tailored to impact the metrics that bear directly translate into improved business outcomes. We deliver sustainable revenue growth instead of big numbers that look good on paper only.


If you want the best of the best, you have to look beyond one town for talented employees. We recognize that talent is spread out across the world and in this new digital post-covid era we don’t need to be in one place to produce outstanding results. That’s why, even though our office is in London, our team extends across Europe. We promote a culture of open-mindedness and respect for individuality, fostering closeness and camaraderie within our team.


We’ve managed to create a team where every member is valued and respected. Everyone in our team is comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and initiatives without regard for seniority. All our employees believe that it’s better to be wrong sometimes than not to try at all. We support each other, reward initiative, and learn from each other constantly to remain at the forefront of digital marketing.

What Our Customers Say

“They took all the stress out of planning our marketing efforts”

“With Revenue Rush we never had to vonder what works and what doesn’t. They collect data on everything they do. Deciding which channels to scale and which to cut back on has never been easier.”

Alex Radovichenko

CPO, Racoon Technologies INC
“Their data-driven approach makes discussing marketing simple”

“They operate with numbers instead of esoteric suppositions. At any given point we can ask a question and be met with concrete data-based answers, which makes communications all that smoother.”

Andrii Khodos

CEO, ProHealth DM
“With Revenue Rush we can focus on the core parts of our business”

“We treat Revenue Rush as an extension of our team and can rely on them to constantly generate new creative ideas and uncover time-sensitive promotion opportunities.”

Tiana Harvey

Business Development Manager, Forus

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