Alphabet Capital

Alphabet Capital is a British investment fund specializing in asset management and resolving corporate disputes. It has experts in the fields of financial risk management, corporate governance, and anti-crisis management

Project objective

To develop a website that would host information about Alphabet Capital fund, present its services and communicate its uniqueness and values to potential partners and customers.

Unique Challenges

Using brand colors in a creative way

Alphabet Capital sports a very strict, black and white, color palette with no accents or supporting colors. Our designers hand-picked the backgrounds and illustrations to liven up the design while conforming to the strict & professional brand style.

Making boring data fun

Corporate asset management and related services are often regarded as boring white-collar industries. We’ve had to find a way to communicate complex messages in a quick and simple way, breaking this stereotype.

Project Stats

UI/UX Designer, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Manager
Word Press
Hong Kong


Competitor Analysis
UI/UX Design
Web Development


Alpabet capital provides a range of complex corporate services from complex investments to risk management. A single web page is unable to cover each of their solutions without becoming a book-long article, so we’ve focused on the benefits their services provide to the customers and on features that make them unique on this home page.

Service Chooser

As including all the minutiae of each service in a traditional vertical page would’ve made it too long and overwhelmed the viewer with the sheer amount of text to the point of them leaving the page, initially we display only a list of services, with detailed information being available only when a user clicks on service that interests them.

Hover-over + Background animations

RevenueRush design experts were tasked with putting maximum emphasis on the thought-out copy of Alphabet Capital and managed it with a combination of on-hover animations and background movement, which bring life even to such a strict palette.

Animated Company Statistics

We wanted to put maximum emphasis on the impressive numbers Alphabet Capital achieved within their industry, and thus configured the achievement descriptions so that they slide up when you hover over the number.

Services page

This page provides a simple overview of solutions. Visitors see only the information pertaining to the service they are interested in, so the page doesn’t seem overbearing from the get-go, even though it contains a large volume of text.

About us page

About Us page states Alphabet Capital’s mission goes over their business advantages, and showcases industry achievements together with historical data. Backgrounds on this page are tailored to conform with the overall mission of the page: establishing trust and conveying professionalism.

The website RevenueRush delivered is good-looking and convenient. They aligned everything with our brand & visual style and added all the features we’ve asked for. We’ve already discovered the effectiveness of giving out a website instead of a presentation and expect to discover even more benefits as we ramp up our marketing efforts.

Anna Nowak

Digitalization Consultant

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