is an investment fund established in the 2015 that invests predominantly in cryptocurrency startups and other blockchain-related products and firms

Project objective

Develop a landing page website that will acquaint potential partners and investors with the business and operations of Ecash investment fund.

Unique Challenges

Сommunicating the concept of

The field Ecash investment fund operates in can be highly technical, its benefits – unapparent to users not familiar with blockchain technology. We needed to figure out a way of explaining the nuanced business model and unique selling points in a creative day.

Introducing interactivity into design

After initial discovery and talks with team, we’ve found out that the website will be very text-heavy if we roll with what wanted to add. We’ve worked on the texts to shorten them while preserving the intended message and added subtle animations and responsive features to the design to retain user attention.

Project Stats

UI/UX Designer, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Manager
Word Press


UI/UX Design
Web Development


The home page’s goal is to make users familiar with Ecash investment fund and projects it invests in. We’ve helped achieve this goal with a combination of small instances of subtle animation and motion layered into the design throughout the website and thoughtful copy that indicates their business goals, approaches, and advantages to potential partners and investors. Home page ends with a screen containing office location and contact info, and can also be accessed via a “contacts” CTA at the very top of the page.

Main Features Slider

To conserve the screen space and make the UI dynamic, we’ve added a main features slider that works flawlessly on all screen sizes. It’s one of the many small touches throughout the website that make it responsive and fun to interact with.

Hower over animations

To add action feedback and increase website interactiveness, RevenueRush experts introduced hover over animations to several website elements. These elements are designed to capture attention, so users are more likely to explore the website when they interact with them.

Map integration

We’ve integrated Google maps into the website design to help add a human touch and put emphasis on the location of business office. Together with simple info cards, this makes for a very straightforward contacts screen that establishes trust.

The website RevenueRush delivered is good-looking and convenient. They aligned everything with our brand & visual style and added all the features we’ve asked for. We’ve already discovered the effectiveness of giving out a website instead of a presentation and expect to discover even more benefits as we ramp up our marketing efforts.

Dmytro Tyshchuk

Project Coordinator

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