Nexte is a European solar panel manufacturer providing businesses with environmentally sustainable, long-term energy supply solutions. They hired us to design a corporate website detailing their solutions and clearly communicating Nexte USPs.

Unique Challenges

Nexte’s business is growing at a rapid pace. Investments in the renewable energy industry are expected to rise in the coming years, so, to make their business more scalable and pave the way for growth, Nexte turned to RevenueRush. They tasked us with the development of a professional corporate website that would provide detailed information on Nexte manufacturing business and their services.

Highly Complex Service Offerings

Nexte service offerings are highly complex. Each offering requires them to detail technical specifications, and explain convoluted processes & regulatory frameworks. We needed to deliver both a clear understanding of how these benefit the customers as well as how it is achieved by Nexte.

Idea Communication

For Nexte website to be efficient, our experts had to find a way of communicating complex ideas in a simple, understandable manner. RevenueRush experts designed a number of custom infographics to communicate concepts visually.

Project Stats

UI/UX Designer, Digital Marketing Manager, Web Developer
Word Press


Competitor Analysis
UI/UX Web Design
Web Development
SEO Optimization


Nexte creates modern solar panel installations at scale that allows businesses to increase their revenue margins by decreasing production costs. The renewable energy generation field is highly technical and for people who are unacquainted with it, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We had to create a homepage that would showcase who Nexte are, whom they help, and what are the benefits of their offerings. Pictures of key Nexte employees help add a human touch.

Services Choice

Listing details of services on the home page would’ve made it extensively long, so we included service cards, clicking on which leads users to the detailed information on the services that interested them.

Custom Infographics

With all the text Nexte asked us to include, the pages would’ve been text-heavy and would have a poor CTR. We’ve transformed everything possible into informative infographics to make the pages more interactive and reduce the amount of text.

Interactive Map

This custom map feature allows Aerotech to show off its global presence in a creative way. It also allows users to easily get information about their closest sales region.

Solutions Overview Page

This service overview page goes into detail on what Nexte can do and how it can benefit the businesses of the perspective customers. Custom infographics provide a graphic representation of concepts explained in text and help communicate the meaning.

I was pleasantly surprised by our collaboration with RevenueRush. They quickly grasped our intentions and structured the project in a way that would allow people to work in parallel, which allowed them to develop a website for us relatively quickly.
Their integrity, expertise, and friendliness turned a complex project into a stress-free, streamlined experience.

Daniel Husaru


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