Tycoon.bet is a team of data analysts and sports experts that provide actionable insights into the world of sports to betting professionals across the globe

Project objective

To create a presentable business-card website which will aquaing visitors with the business of Tycoon.bet and their capabilities.

Unique Challenges

Navigation Ease

The website was intended as an advanced business card, so we’ve taken a mobile-first approach to the Web design, understanding that the percentage of mobile visitors will be high, and ensuring that all relevant information is available right on the home page.

Speed of development

Tycoon.bet needed the website ready yesterday and intended to use it as a business card for an upcoming event, so we had to develop the design in record time, while upholding high quality standards and making the website presentable.

Project Stats

UI/UX Designer, Illustrator, Web Developer, Copywriter, Digital Marketing Manager
Word Press


UI/UX Web Design
Web Development


Tycoon.bet operates a number of betting clubs and has advanced predictive systems which can forecast the outcome of the sports engagement with a high degree of probability. We’ve designed this page in a presentation format that takes users on a most effective path to understanding Tycoon.bet, how they operate, and what makes them unique.

Features Slider

To avoid making the page too long on mobile devices, we’ve placed Tycoon features into an intuitive slider.

Convenient Navigation

At all points of their journey through the website, visitors are just a click away from accessing any point of the website via a simple & stylish sidebar navigation.

Converting Elements

The target action of tycoon.bet website is for visitors to view and join their social media channels. RevenueRush designers placed this element in a way that would be visible on all website pages without being intrusive.

We truly loved the final product. The team was a blast to work with. They took abstract ideas we had and created actionable results. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a project to be “taken care of”.

Victoria Kuznetsova

IT Project Coordinator

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